Report – Remembering Hidden Children – Izieu Seminar

Gathering 30 participants from across Europe, our Izieu Seminar dived into the history of Izieu and hidden children during the Shoah. Accompanying us and meeting with our participants, we were honoured to hear and learn from hidden child Baroness Regina Suchowolski-Sluszny, who shared about her experience, her life’s work, and the importance of Shoah remembrance today.

Participants also took part in a tour of and workshop about the Maison d’Izieu, which provided refuge for dozens of children in the village of Izieu, formerly Vichy territory. Here, on the morning of April 6, 1944, the Lyon Gestapo raided the Izieu children’s home, capturing 44 children and seven staff members, and the following day they were deported to Drancy.

We also officially named Baroness Regina Suchowolski-Sluszny an honorary member of EUJS for her outstanding commitment and dedication to Shoah education and her incredible example of resilience in the face of adversity.

We want to take the opportunity to thank the Maison d’Izieu, WJC Next Gen, CCOJB (Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations), and the European Commission for their support in realising this seminar.

We also want to thank our incredible and motivated participants for their commitment to Shoah education and their desire to learn more about a typically under-represented topic within Shoah education.

See below our recap video compiled by videographer Alessia Gabbianelli

All photos were taken by photographer Fran Friedrich

Read the full report below:

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