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ESU x EUJS Statement: Students remember and will never be indifferent

In commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the European Students’ Union (ESU) and the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) stand together to honour the memory of 6 million Jews...

Lawsuit against Twitter: HateAid and the European Union of Jewish Students submit landmark case

Berlin, Germany – 25 January 2023 The case focuses on...

EUJS Statement on the release of KC Rebecca Tuck’s report on antisemitism in the NUS

Brussels, Belgium – 12 January 2023 EUJS welcomes the January...

EUJS & JUS Recommendations for the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Brussels, Belgium – 15 December 2022 The European Union of...

EUJS Statement on Ye (Kanye West)

Brussels, Belgium - 3 December 2022 The European Union of...

EUJS statement on the upcoming Israeli elections

Brussels, Belgium - 28 October 2022 A far-right government with...

EUJS General Assembly 2022

These are the seven motions which we passed today at the General Assembly 2022.

EUJS Presidential Candidates 2022

My family's Judaism was taken away from them by the Soviet regime. In a society in which being Jewish was an inherent burden, they were manipulated into believing that there is no beauty in heritage, uniqueness and belonging. For them, a safe life with freedom of expression was merely a dream. Being born in Berlin, I reclaimed my identity and built up my ideals. As an unapologetic idealist, I am driven by the belief in equality and kindness. As acommitted activist, I dream of a vivid Jewish life in Europe.

EUJS Summer U 2022 Registrations are open!

SUMMER U is providing the best that summer has to offer by embodying positive Jewish identities and celebrating diversity at all times: during the workshops, the panels, the legendary parties, while networking, in the pool or by challenging others at sports. Come to laugh, meet, learn, sweat, sing, dance, run and let loose together with old and new friends from across the globe!

Our Programmes & Campaigns

Summer U 2021

Summer U 2021 happened in Viterbo, Italy, where we were part of an exciting campaign and general assembly, seeing passionate candidates going head to head in debates to win over the crowds. Besides the elections, the first part of the General Assembly saw passionate motion debates, from protecting our environment to expressing solidarity with Afghanistan.

About EUJS

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) is a pluralistic, inclusive and non-partisan umbrella organisation. We support Jewish student unions throughout Europe and represent its members in international institutions and organisations.

Founded in 1978, we currently have 36 member organisations, spanning from Russia to Scandinavia to the United Kingdom.

EUJS is led by the president, executive director, and eight board members who are elected by EUJS member organizations at the EUJS General Assembly. The EUJS headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium.

We are terribly saddened by the horrific terrorist attacks that unfolded in #Jerusalem last night and this morning.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, and we wish all those injured a speedy recovery.

Read our statement below 👇

Today and all days, the EUJS Board & Office commit that #WeRemember the victims of the Shoah, incl. Jews, Roma, LGBTQIA+, and others who were victims to persecution.

We all have a duty to remember, to honour the victims & to combat all forms of hate.

Nous dénonçons les nombreux tags antisémites retrouvés ce matin sur des façades de magasins du 9eme arrondissement de Paris.

Tout le quartier est recouvert d’étoiles de David, du mot « Jude » ou encore de l’expression « Je suis raciste » tagués en grandes lettres blanches.

#Twitter was hit by a lawsuit in #Germany by an anti-hate speech group and the European Union of Jewish students in an attempt to force the platform to remove antisemitic content.

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