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EUJS Statement on the current wave of blatant Jew-hatred violence during university campuses protests amidst the Israel-Hamas war

As the wave of student protests, called "Student Intifada”, sweeps through European campuses, we are profoundly concerned by the escalating prevalence of exclusionary, violent, and antisemitic rhetoric, along with...

EUJS Statement on the Outrageous Level Up! Closing Plenary Events

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) strongly condemns...

Report – The Rise of Antisemitism at European Universities as a result of the October 7 Massacre

EUJS has published a report on the Rise of Antisemitism...

EUJS’ stand against anti-zionist Jewish groups and their damage to our Jewish community

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) believes it...

EUJS Statement on the Israel-Hamas War: Towards an Open Dialogue for Peace

Brussels, Belgium Since the barbaric attacks committed by the terrorist...

Statement on the Commemoration of the International Students’ Day

To the Heads of Higher Education Establishments,  Today is International...


We have updated this report – read the newest...

EUJS launches new report platform: Help us in monitoring antisemitic incidents across Europe!

If you have experienced any antisemitic incidents following the...

Open Letter – Call for support and protection of Jewish and Israeli Students in European Universities

To the heads of European Universities, We write to you...

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About EUJS

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) is a pluralistic, inclusive and non-partisan umbrella organisation. We support Jewish student unions throughout Europe and represent its members in international institutions and organisations.

Founded in 1978, we currently have 36 member organisations, spanning from Russia to Scandinavia to the United Kingdom.

EUJS is led by the president, executive director, and eight board members who are elected by EUJS member organizations at the EUJS General Assembly. The EUJS headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium.

Today, on Europe Day, we celebrate democracy, solidarity, freedom and tolerance, and recommit ourselves to the principles that brought peace and prosperity to our continent.

As the European elections draw near, we join the @Europarl_EN in emphasizing that democracy is a…

Seit 3 Tagen steht ein Camp am @univienna Campus, bei dem non-stop zur „Intifada“ aufgerufen wird. Heute haben wir ein wichtiges Zeichen gegen jeden Antisemitismus gesetzt. Die Polizei hat uns abgedrängt und teilw. angezeigt. Jüdische Studierende haben es gerade nicht leicht.

Unique in Europe: The police, who failed to put a stop to the antisemitic “Intifada-Camp” @univienna, has now pushed back the @joehwien demonstration against antisemitism and charged participants.

A safe zone for antisemites is more important than a safe zone from antisemites.

Read our latest statement on the current wave of blatant Jew-hatred violence during university campuses protests amidst the Israel-Hamas war.

« If you believe, like we do, in a Europe where Jewish life can flourish: act now, not tomorrow. »

«Dirty Jew» «fascist Zionist» yelled at Jewish students that just want to be and study on their campuses.Wait isn’t it why universities exist?

Oups I forgot today you can only have a normal university life if you are supporting a terrorist org..

Full support @UEJB_Officiel

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