EU Activism

Jewish Advocacy at the European Institutions

EU Activism seminar takes place in Brussels annually. The participants have the opportunity to hear from world-renowned experts, learn from influential global activists, and discuss critical issues with key decision-makers in the EU and with many other Brussels-based organisations.

What is it about?

The EU Activism Seminar provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring young Jewish voices to the decision-making table for real impact. During the seminar, we explore current-day issues and challenges that interest and affect Jewish students from around Europe, including the broader societal challenges of democratic backsliding, the war in Ukraine and climate change, alongside the fight against antisemitism, anti-Zionism and Israel delegitimisation. It is one of the few opportunities available for youth to meet with and speak to politicians from the European Union. This 5–day seminar will provide deep insights into the inner workings of European Institutions, unprecedented access to high-level diplomats, and off-the-record briefings on critical issues facing our communities.

Watch the aftermovie of EU Activism Seminar 2022:

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