Open Letter – Call for support and protection of Jewish and Israeli Students in European Universities

To the heads of European Universities,

We write to you today with deep concern for the welfare of Jewish and Israeli students within your institutions and to urgently address a matter of paramount importance: the need to prevent any form of incitement of terrorist attacks on Israel and to stand resolutely against expressions of solidarity with terrorist organisations, recognised as such by the European Union, like Hamas.

In these tumultuous times, when there is violence in the streets in many parts of Israel, when civilians are being targeted, held hostages, kidnapped and murdered in their homes, we must come together to ensure the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not being imported within the academic walls.

Universities must protect the physical and mental safety and health of all students, part of the broader academic community.

Jewish and Israeli students, like all students, have the right to pursue their education free from discrimination, harassment, or intimidation. In recent times, however, there have been instances of antisemitic incidents, hate speech, and expressions of solidarity with terrorist organisations within academic settings. Such acts not only violate the principles of equality and inclusivity but also undermine the very essence of academic freedom and democracy.

We call upon European universities to take immediate and decisive action to support and protect Jewish students:

European universities must forbid any gathering celebrating Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians on campuses and prepare strict sanctions to any students taking part in such protests glorifying death and supporting terrorism.

The world is watching, and the legacy of our universities is at stake. We are calling on you to set an example of responsible leadership and unwavering commitment to protect your students.


Emma Hallali
President of the European Union of Jewish Students

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