EUJS Statement on the Israel-Hamas War: Towards an Open Dialogue for Peace

Brussels, Belgium

Since the barbaric attacks committed by the terrorist group Hamas on the 7th of October, Israel has been forced to protect its citizens and its democratic values. This attack has been felt across the globe, as anti-Jewish hatred has rampaged our society.

During the past month, human values, that are the backbone of our society, have been violated. Jewish people across the world have been bullied, harassed, and beaten, simply because of their Jewish identity. While we are focused on protecting our students and young professionals, we must not lose sight of the current situation in Israel. We are appalled by the blatant disregard for human lives shown by Hamas, as they still hold more than 240 hostages, continue to use Palestinian civilians, including children, as human shields, and use civilian infrastructure schools and hospitals as military headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has inflicted a wave of hatred on the people of Israel that has affected the internal dialogue for sustainable peace. However, Israel and the international community must not allow Hamas to shut the dialogue down, but keep their eyes on what is important: The true aspiration for peace, an Israeli and a Palestinian state living side by side.

As a zionist organisation, the European Union of Jewish Students has always been at the forefront of advocating for the Jewish people’s right to exist and self-determine in their indigenous land, Israel. Rest assured, however, that Zionism does not and will never mean the alienation of the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.

It is our policy and our dedicated endeavour for peace, which commits us to the two-state solution.

We have always been loud advocates and activists against extremism and populism wherever it may rear its head. Even amidst the current war, we must stay true to our values.

Xenophobia, extremist comments, actions, and discrimination of any form from far-right politicians within governments must not be tolerated. Such remarks only foster intolerance and hate, which will only serve to create a rift between nations and prevent the prospect of a long-term solution for peace.

We must come together to work on solutions that ensure that Hamas will no longer be able to take the lives of innocent civilians, and that sustainable peace can be achieved. As such, the international community must:

Statement – Israel/Hamas war

  • Advocate, unconditionally, without conditions for the release of all the hostages still in captivity;
  • Work towards a solution that honours the aspirations and dignity of the Palestinian people;
  • Recognise that the terror group Hamas, according to its founding Charter, has the objective to murder all Jews, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and people of other faiths;
  • Firmly acknowledge Israel’s right to self-defence and self-determination.
  • Advocate for a two-state solution ensuring both Israeli and Palestinian futures

With these commitments, a sustainable, dignified, and prosperous future for both Israelis and Palestinians can be achieved.