Report – Rise of antisemitic acts and incidents in Universities across Europe since 7th of October 2023

EUJS wrote a report on the rise of antisemitic acts and incidents in Universities across Europe since 7th of October 2023.  For the compilation of this report, we received more than sixty-eight reports of antisemitic incidents across Europe. However, we do know that there were a lot more incidents that took place without being reported. 

This report has been sent out to the European Commission and will also be given out in printed versions to MEPs who will be present tomorrow at the European Parliament Working group on antisemitism taking place tomorrow. We will also publish the findings of this report on our website and social media as well as sending it to our partners and the press. 

The message we want to spread with the report is: Jewish students are not feeling safe on their campuses and Jewish students have even stopped attending classes out of fear due to the extremely hostile campus atmosphere and this is not normal. 

We will continue to gather information and data on antisemitism from University campuses across Europe. We will continue to fight against the importation of conflict into Europe and to protect our Jewish students. We will continue, throughout, to advocate for a safer world where Jews are able to showcase and celebrate Judaism in a positive way.

If you have experienced antisemitism in our university in Europe, please report it to us:

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The European Commission also released a statement on their concern on the rise of antisemitism in Europe that you can find here:

Moreover, the Special Envoys and Coordinators Combating Antisemitism  also released a joint statement here: 

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