RESOLUTION – Solidarity with Kurdistan

Motion 0220

General Assembly – December 27, 2020

Name of Union Submitting Policy

Jewish Student Union of Germany (JSUD)

EUJS notes

  1. That over the past six years the Kurdish people played a pivotal role in successfully fighting Daesh in Syria and Iraq and that this role helped to stop the genocide against the Yazidis in Shingal in 2014;
  2. That during the last six years over 11,000 Kurdish fighters lost their lives, fighting for
  3. Freedom from militant Islamism – including the freedom of their neighbours and allies;
  4. That the decision of the United States of America on the 6th of October 2019 to
  5. Withdraw US support from northern Syria (Rojava), and the general lack of support of western governments, should be viewed as clearly endangered the Kurdish population of Northern Syria (Rojava) via the greater susceptibility of creating a power vacuum in the region
  6. That the Kurdish people have suffered from genocide or the threat of genocide continously for the last decades, while the world has stood idly by;
  7. That we as Jews have endured genocide and statelessness in the past;
  8. That the overwhelming global Kurdish population exists by the border axes of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran and, until today, Kurds continue to be oppressed by the Turkish government as well as other regional state actors;
  9. That the exploitation of natural resources in Kurdish regions such as Kirkuk has exacerbated the socio-political and economic hardship faced by the Kurdish population.

EUJS believes

  1. That Turkey’s military actions together with militant Islamists in northern Syria (Rojava), combined with its repression of the Kurdish people, is leading to more displacement, bloodshed, and the potential re-emergence of Daesh. Moreover, the subjugation faced by regional minority groups coupled with the rife instability in the region, ensures that the threat of another genocide of minority groups in the region like that of the genocide of Yazidis in Shingal in 2014 remains a distinct possibility. It is important, in order to prevent such atrocities from happening, to support the Kurdish self-defence forces directly.
  2. That the Turkish-Facscist Grey Wolves Movement (Ülkücu-Movement / Bozkurtlar) is a threat to Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Turks, and many others in Turkey and around the world, including in Member States of the European Union. Supporters of the Grey Wolves have attacked Kurdish people and institutions all over Europe, for example in Vienna in June 2020 and in France in September 2020.
  3. That as a Jewish organization it is important to stand with people who are suffering from statelessness, persecution, and genocide.

EUJS resolves

  1. To recognize the important role the Kurdish people have played in the fight against Daesh over the six past years.
  2. To recognize the Genocide of the Yazidis 2014 in Shingal.
  3. To call on Turkey and the European Union to halt the Turkish military presence in Northern Syria (Rojava) – as well as halting the bombing of Kurdish-administered areas in Iraq such as Khanasor in early November 2019 which would allow for a genocide against the Kurdish people.
  4. To call on Turkey and the European Union to stop the persecution of Kurdish people in Turkey and in neighbouring regions.
  5. To lobby the European Union, governments, International Organisations, NGOs, universities, student’s and other relevant institutions to stop the Turkish military presence in northern Syria (Rojava) and support the right of Kurdish self-determination.
  6. To lobby the European Union, governments, International Organisations, NGOs, universities, students, and other relevant institutions to ban the Turkish-nationalist Grey Wolves (Ülkücü-Movement/ Bozkurtlar).
  7. To show solidarity with the Kurdish people and affirm its support for Kurdish democratic self-governance and self-determination.

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