RESOLUTION – Enhancing Union Accelerators: the future of Union development


In the past year, we have observed how the Union Accelerator has become one of EUJS’ most notorious and impactful tools for supporting Unions. Unions that had previously never connected at an international level now have the opportunity to do so by learning from each other and working in a group during an educational seminar. Although we believe this to be a great programme for European Unions, we still believe there is room for improvement and enhanced impactfulness.

EUJS notes that:

  1. As of the 2023 EUJS General Assembly, there have been two Union Accelerator events, with eight total countries represented. The first with the participation of Unions representing Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal and Greece, the second with those representing Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia;

EUJS believes that:

  1. EUJS, together with other well-established Unions, possesses the necessary expertise, resources, and responsibility to support emerging leaders and smaller Unions in realizing their full potential;
  2. Small and developing Unions consist of highly motivated individuals who aspire to create a positive impact in their Jewish community;
  3. Each Union has its own specificities and interests connected to its region of provenience, historical background, demographic diversity, etc.;
  4. Larger or more developed or institutionalised Unions often possess the tools and resources to provide smaller or less developed Unions with the right guidance. This will help each of them to achieve their goals and grow.

EUJS resolves to:

  1. Invite at least one Union leader from a different Union from those involved in the Union Accelerator to assist and provide expertise;
  2. Have the invited Union leaders hold at least one session or workshop;
  3. Have Union Accelerators should take place in a different country each edition.


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