RESOLUTION – Gender Equality


A Gender and Harassment Policy has already been in place in EUJS since 2018. Since then, the feminist discourse aiming to provide equal opportunities for women and non-binary persons and to protect them from sexual assault has evolved. As proposers, instead of the 2018 resolution, we are proposing two new motions, one each on harassment and gender equality. These are based on the old policy but are more up-to-date and expanded. They provide more concrete measures and are based on the current state of the discourse.

EUJS believes that:

  1. Equality is about opportunities for each member of society. Gender equality is essential for society to progress into a system in which everyone can contribute and benefit according to their potential, their choices, and their needs.
  2. It is in line with our Jewish and humanistic values to both take explicit measures towards women’s empowerment and raise awareness among society as a whole as to the importance of achieving gender equality.
  3. The empowerment of women and non-binary persons in personal, professional, and public settings is a necessary measure to achieve gender equality.

EUJS resolves to:

  1. Having always promoted gender equality – through its leadership, its campaigns, its programming, EUJS will continue to actively pursue this path within all our structures and programs.
  2. EUJS resolves to reserve at least 1/3 (rounded up) of places on their elected bodies for women and non-binary individuals.
  3. EUJS will strive to make sure all genders are represented in the most equal way by the members of the board in order to make different life realities visible.
  4. EUJS resolves to ensure that the gender balance on its leadership reflects the demographic realities of the world.
  5. To raise awareness on the lack of women leadership in settings relevant to young European Jewish students and especially in Jewish communal leadership across the continent.
  6. To serve as a model successful leadership of equity, of which every organization can only benefit and encourage member unions to adopt similar measures.

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