RESOLUTION – Eastern-European Empowerment


Jewish life in Eastern-European countries is marked by specific challenges. The traces of the communist regimes and structural as institutional antisemitism are visible until this day. As practising Jewish traditions were forbidden or highly censored in communist dictatorships, many Eastern-European Jews struggle with post-generational trauma, internalized antisemitism, and the development of a proud and self-confident Jewish identity until this day. EUJS must be a place of empowerment for Eastern-European Jewry and support post-communist communities in the development of a positive Jewish identity.

EUJS believes that:

  1. EUJS should be a place of empowerment for Jews of all kinds of backgrounds.
  2. While EUJS has its policy “Fostering Diversity in the Jewish Community” that is tackling among others also the visibility and inclusion of Eastern Europe, there is still an insufficiency in the visibility, inclusion and empowerment.
  3. The stories, perspectives and challenges of Eastern-European communities need to have a platform within the organization.
  4. Eastern-European Unions need specific support in the process of (re-)finding a positive approach to Jewish identity.

EUJS resolves to:

  1. Provide a platform to learn about the history and the challenges of post-communist communities, such as seminars and social media campaigns.
  2. Ensure higher financial support for Eastern-European Jews for whom certain EUJS programmes are financially unaccesible.
  3. Once a year organize an event in Eastern Europe to create a stronger relationship between Eastern European Unions and EUJS.
  4. Increase structural and strategic support to Eastern European unions through individualized help.
  5. Advocate for the needs of Eastern European young Jews in further settings, such as political platforms, Jewish and non-Jewish organisations as well as Jewish federations.

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