RESOLUTION – Expanding Presidents Unite+: Strengthening Unions and the connection between them


In an ever more globalised and interconnected society, the importance of strengthening an international network between Unions has grown exponentially. Considering EUJS’ role as a platform for the exchange of ideas and know-how among Unions, there is an evident necessity for EUJS to provide further opportunities to implement this aspect. In-person “Presidents Unite+” event have proven to be able to fulfil this challenge, serving as the quintessential ground for Union leaders to learn from one another to keep on growing together.

EUJS notes that:

  1. At the Presidents Unite+ event in New York in 2022 there were Jewish Union leaders from 10 different countries. 
  2. At the Presidents Unite+ event in Tel Aviv in 2023 there were Jewish Union leaders from 15 different countries.

EUJS believes that:

  1. The networking opportunities of an in-person Presidents Unite event are unparallel to any other event throughout the year, as the main focus is on skill building and sharing of best practices between Unions.
  2. Although online President Unite calls are a relevant way for the EUJS Board to keep updated Union leaders, given its top-down structure, the impact of an online call is not comparable to that of an in-person peer-to-peer based event; 
  3. Discussions and debates at an in-person Presidents Unite+ event are far more inclusive and representative, since Union leaders have more time to express their positions and especially more time to listen and understand where other perspectives come from; 
  4. Union leaders with less experience or feeling less confident in a new environment might be less willing to participate in online video calls and share their point of view on hot topics, since the short time slot doesn’t allow them to express and elaborate on their ideas fully; 
  5. Alongside EUJS, more structured and developed Unions have the tools, experience and duty to help new leaders and small and developing Unions to reach their potential; 
  6.  Small and developing Unions are composed of extremely motivated new leaders, willing to make an impact in the Jewish world;

EUJS resolves to:

  1. Organise, each year, two in-person Presidents Unite+ events; 
  2. At in-person Presidents Unite+ events, create spaces dedicated for Unions to be able to exchange and learn from each other; 
  3. Continue promoting the participation of small and developing Unions and newly elected Union leaders;

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