Next Step Grant – EU Grantees 2023

Find out here the awarded projects of the Next Step Grant, sponsored by the European Commission.

Austria – JöH

Project: NOODNIK – Magazine of the Austrian Union of Jewish Students

The NOODNIK is the historical newspaper of the Austrian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), which was newly founded with its own editorial staff in January 2021. It is the voice of young Jewish students in Austria and, as a discursive link between Jewish and non-Jewish students, is intended to provide exchange and enlightenment. Our editorial team started with five Jewish students in 2021, today we count more than 25 editors, the tendency is growing.

NOODNIK has been published six times since its reestablishment, with the seventh issue appearing in mid- June 2023. The following two issues are planned for December 2023 and March 2024.

Belgium – UEJB

Project: The Kadima

The Kadima is UEJB’s biannual magazine. It reflects the voice and energy of Jewish Students in Belgium. Through its pages, UEJB provides a dynamic platform for their members to express themselves, share their ideas, and develop their skills in information research and critical thinking.

The magazine aims to reach a wide audience, including students, citizens, and political figures. It aspires to create a connection between individuals of different faiths, nationalities, and backgrounds in order to promote diversity and dialogue.

Each issue of the Kadima presents a diverse range of fascinating topics. From covering current events to in- depth analysis of issues close to our hearts, our goal is to offer readers a variety of interesting and relevant content. At the core of our approach, we are committed to promoting Jewish culture and its rich traditions.

Czech Republic – ČUŽM

Project: Jewish Calendar Events

Each year, ČUŽM holds events for its members for all holidays and important events throughout the Jewish calendar. ČUŽM will use the EU grant for all the events during Fall, Winter and Spring. In particular:

A community Rosh Hashanah celebration, the High Holy Days – Yom Kippur, Sukkot and the JudaFest. JudaFest is an annual festival of Czech Jewish culture, which has been organized by ČUŽM since 2011.

Denmark – JU

Project: Jewish Community Building and Youth Engagement in Copenhagen and Malmö

We are thrilled to present our “Strengthening Jewish Community and Youth Engagement” project aimed at creating a vibrant and inclusive space for young Jews in Copenhagen and Malmö. Our goal is to cultivate a strong sense of Jewish identity, provide meaningful Jewish learning experiences, and foster social connections within the community. Through a series of carefully curated events and activities, we aspire to strengthen the Jewish community, empower our youth, and promote collaboration between young Jews in both cities.

Finland – JOY

Project: Jewish Finland

Our project consists of two to four events per month based around Jewish holidays or shabbat dinners depending on the time of year. Our focus is to continue to be the center of Jewish culture and social life for students and young adults living in Helsinki and the surrounding area. We are the only organization providing these kinds of events and possibilities to the local Jewish youth, students, and young professionals. In the past months and years, it has become evident that organizing these kinds of events is crucial for the continuity of Jewish life in Finland. Our goal has always been to create a community of people where everyone is free to express their relation to and understanding of Judaism in modern Europe.

These activities will be led by a team comprising of the board of JOY as well as other students and young adults who volunteer to help lead on an event-by-event basis. We hope that these activities will also continue to help JOY serve as a space for minorities within the Finnish Jewish community that have historically been left out from both the religious and cultural Jewish celebrations. These events will also help to further our mission as a union of continuing to be the only inclusive Jewish space in Finland.

France – UEJF

Project: UEJF Fall Universities

UEJF Fall Universities take place at the beginning of the academic year, Fall universities gather more than two hundred of students from all over France for a training week-end in Paris. In the program: preparation of recruitment campaigns, workshops with trainers on Jewish identity, role-plays situations to prepare for debates.

Germany – JSUD

Project: Exploring Post-Soviet Jewish History and Preserving Cultural Memory: A Journey to Riga and Vilnius

The German Union of Jewish Students (JSUD) would like to propose an educational trip involving 20-25 Jewish students from Germany with a focus on both Soviet-Jewish history and pre-Soviet Jewish history through the examples of the Baltic states of Latvia and Lithuania.

The project includes a preparational Seminar in Berlin in November 2023 and an educational journey to Riga and Vilnius in January 2024.

Italy – UGEI

Project: Reviving the Remembrance

Medium-small sized Shabbatonim in small communities are a traditional event in UGEI history. It has always been a moment where Board members and collaborators get the chance to meet up in smaller Jewish communities around Italy with the aim to involve the local young Jews, introducing them to UGEI’s initiatives and more in general to the wider national Jewish life.

This year’s event, “REVIVING THE REMEMBRANCE”, will be taking place in Trieste (Italy). There, Board members will involve the Jewish community and those who showed interest or participated in our project “Meet the Memory” (Incontrare la Memoria), which consisted of a series of lectures and workshops on topics such as Shoah education and Jewish culture with the aim to give the right instruments to young activists to hold talks and lectures within middle or high schools.

During the Shabbaton, there will be the chance to meet and interact with the Jewish community, bringing young, active and lively people to join the service and to enhance the Shabbat atmosphere.

Spain – FEJJE

Project: FEJJE Leadership Summit

The 2024 FEJJE General Assembly – Leadership Summit will be an intensive formative seminar that aims to bring together aspiring community leaders and individuals interested in fostering Jewish life and awareness of Jewish culture in Spain. This transformative event will provide a unique opportunity for participants to engage in immersive learning experiences, develop leadership skills, and deepen their understanding of Jewish traditions and heritage. With a focus on knowledge-sharing, community building, and empowerment, the Summit seeks to create a lasting impact on the young Jewish community in Spain.

Sweden – JUS

Project: Fostering and strengthening Jewish youth life in Sweden

Together with the support and help of our member organizations JUS is going to organize a series of programs and activities around Sweden for Jewish youth and students in Sweden. As the Jewish students are spread out around the country, it is important for us, JUS, to engage our member organizations to organize these events in co-operation with JUS.

The topics of the program events circles around Jewish life in Sweden, traditions and fostering Jewish life. They will play a valuable role in strengthening the identities of Jewish students in Sweden and providing them safe spaces to meet and organize.

The Netherlands – IJAR

Project: IJAR Jewish Holidays

IJAR Jewish Holidays is a year-round initiative aimed at celebrating and observing various Jewish holidays, including Rosh Hashana, Sukkoth, Hanukkah, Tu Bishvat, and Purim. The project seeks to foster Jewish life, strengthen Jewish identity among students, and raise awareness about Jewish culture and traditions. It is designed to meet the needs of Jewish students for community, connection, and cultural expression, aligning with the thematic priorities of fostering Jewish life and celebrating Jewish identity and diversity.