Summer U Preparation Weekend

This July started with a productive and incredibly fun Summer U preparation weekend in Budapest. From the 6th to the 8th our Summer U volunteers got to know each other better, improve their team working skills, as well as put together some key elements for this year’s program.

On the first day, after ice breakers and our first meal together, we got into our Shabbat clothes and went for a unique service at the Dohány Synagogue. We ended our evening with a cozy Shabbat dinner at our one and only Jewish home in Budapest, Moishe House.

The second day started by making sure we all felt comfortable with all the Summer U content for this year. Following that, we moved to a highly important “Get to know Bulgaria better” knowledge contest. After this knowledge check we reached the conclusion there were lots of things we had yet to learn about this country… We continued the day by setting out the roles and commitments of each volunteer, as well as breaking up into permanent working groups. The second day ended with a memorable Havdallah on the banks of the Danube, followed by a delicious dinner that each and every one of our volunteers scavenger hunted for and prepared.

On the third and last day, we had the pleasure of meeting Tamás Dombos from Magyar LMBT Szövetség. He held a crucial tasks and responsibilities session offering us solutions to potential issues arising during Summer U. We then worked collaboratively to choose the perfect song and dance for this year. After making our choice, we had an open discussion on what to avoid in this year’s Summer U, and how to respond. We shared views and stories and made sure that Summer U 2018 will be an open and inviting space for everyone. We then parted, knowing that we’ll be soon reuniting and making this event the event that was always and will always be worth joining.