The European Union of Jewish Students is worried about the European silence!

The European Union of Jewish Students is worried about the European silence! In recent days the conflict in the Middle East has spread into violence against Jews on the European continent. We have witnessed assaults against Jewish individuals, arson attacks on Synagogues, threatening statements and other forms of violence in a wave of anti-Semitic attacks.

The European Union of Jewish Students will not stand silent while European Jewry is vilified and demonized across the European continent. EUJS trusts European citizens and the elected leadership to take the necessary steps to prevent further abuse. These anti-Semitic acts as well as the European silence do not only damage the peace and prosperity in Europe but also disregard the fundamental rights of all European citizens.

European Jewry has long been a strong defender of human rights and an advocate for an inclusive and multicultural Europe but unfortunately European politicians and institutions have completely neglected these blatant infringements of basic human rights. The European Union of Jewish Students fears this silence and urges everyone to live up to their responsibilities and to defend the rights of all minorities by speaking up against this intolerable violence. Europeans should no longer accept racist or anti-Semitic attacks on their soil and EUJS urges all citizens to stand up to defend the European values of respect and tolerance.

The European Union of Jewish Students, the sole democratically elected voice of European Jewish youth at the European level and at the European Youth Forum, is one of the largest international student organizations worldwide. Its annual programming includes the Summer University, international, inter-religious and inter-generational seminars, study sessions, and cutting edge work that puts it at the forefront of the European context. The European Union of Jewish Students is the sole Jewish youth organization to have obtained the special ECOSOC Consultative Status at the United Nations.