The European Union of Jewish Students attends La Maison Commune de l’Europe Project in France

The European Union of Jewish Students attends La Maison Commune Project in France.

The European Union of Jewish Students sent out a delegation on the 15th April to France to take part in the La Maison Commune Project, which aims to create a strategic dialogue between different spheres of Israeli and European societies, including economic, social and cultural areas.

The delegation met with several high level European officials and discussed issues regarding to European Jewry and the European-Israeli connection. The European Union of Jewish Students’ executive director Deborah Abisror delivered a speech laying out the connections in values and commonalities that European Jewry, Israel and Europe as a whole share, a connection that is invaluable and unique. The seminar moved on to allow participants to engage in issues including Iran, Agriculture and a dialogue for peace with high level officials from the French government.

The seminar ended with a shared speech given by Israeli President Shimon Peres and French President Nicolas Sarkozy who stated his pride of having the Israeli President as such a good friend, and expressed his thanks to the European Union of Jewish Students for engaging in this project and the dialogue that it represents.  

Executive Director Deborah Abisror expressed that she was “proud and honoured to work with every level of Israeli and French leadership, and would thank them all for making this session possible, alongside our high level talented delegation who raised the level of debate and engagement”