SIGN OUR PETITION: Tell the EU to stand in solidarity with the Kurds!


On Sunday October 6th, the White House released a statement saying President Trump and President Erdogan had spoken by phone, announcing that Turkey’s military operation into Northern Syria would commence.

Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US support from northern Syria is an act of betrayal of the brave and resolute forces who successfully fought ISIS on the ground and an insult for the sacrifices they have made, amid Erdogan’s assault on Kurdish rights and freedoms.

Turkey’s military action in northern Syria, combined with its repression of the Kurdish people, is leading to more displacement, bloodshed, likely to the re-emergence of ISIS and maybe a genocide.

As the US administration turns its head on the suffering of the Kurds, and the European Union stands idly by, we have a duty of protecting human rights and therefore must take a strong stand.

As Jews, a people who have endured genocide and statelessness in the past, we often ask why the world was silent during our suffering. Now, the least we can do is speak up and stand in solidarity with our Kurdish brothers and sisters.

The European Union must act. It must intervene. It must call on Turkey and the USA to halt a Turkish military invasion that would allow a genocide against the Kurdish people – the very people who have lost over 11,000 fighters defeating ISIS over the past 5 years.

Furthermore, we call on national governments to do all they can to stop this tragedy from happening.

EUJS expresses its utmost solidarity with the people of Kurdistan and affirms its support for Kurdish self-determination.

Sign this petition to take a stand against Turkey’s dangerous action HERE: