Interfaith response to Brussel’s killings: show your solidarity, join us in prayers.

EUJS joins Religions for Peace European Interfaith Youth Network ‘s call to show solidarity to the victims of the killing at the Jewish Museum of Brussels, praying for those who lost their lives, for the recovery of those injured and in order to restore a sense of security and peace for communities of every faith all over Europe.

This attack to the Jewish community of Brussels touches all of us, an aggression to the core values of civil society, human rights, the European unified project, freedom of religion and peace. Nobody should stay silent when a minority is targeted.
What can you do? We invite you to hold a special Peace Candle Lighting and Prayer Ceremony  within your respective communities or student clubs,. Light the candles for the victims of the shooting and lift them up in the darkness, while reciting prayers for peace. Prayers can be denominational (of your own tradition) or interfaith. You can find examples of such prayers here. 

You can also organize a cultural or educational event together with students of other faiths. If in your town you can witness hate speech on walls of buildings, you can organize “paint over hate” action. 

If you do any act of solidarity, take a picture of it, and send it to RfP, EIYN at to let everybody know about your action.

Let’s support each other and act together in an interfaith way in order to stop hate speech, antisemitism and other racist incitement that is rising in Europe.