EUJS urges the United Nations Human Rights Council to take its responsibility to equality seriously

The European Union of Jewish Students is proud of its speech delivered in the United Nations Human Rights Council, urging all member states to remember their obligations to the foundations and values of the human rights council, and remember its dedication to equality.

EUJS expressed its dissatisfaction with the Human Rights council for its continued singling out of the Middle East conflict as being above and beyond any other issue and asked that the countries present adopt the institutional reforms urged by the High Commissioner and Secretary General in aiming to make the council a chamber defined by equality of debate rather than that of perceived double standards.

EUJS President Benjamin Zagzag commented that “EUJS is committed to Human Rights and equality, reflected by the values at the core of Jewish teaching, but we at times have to recognise the flaws in the system in order to achieve the goals advocated by the Human Rights Council”.

EUJS is proud of the delivery of the speech by its Vice President Jane Braden Golay and urges the world’s highest decision making body to take note of the message given.