EUJS Summer-U 2022 Covid-19 Rules

In consultation with the EUJS Medical Advisory Committee, EUJS is committed to enforcing policy and procedures for all individuals at EUJS programs to ensure the health and safety of our community during Summer U 2022. Through these measures, we are working to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to keep all participants, staff and speakers healthy.

This year, all attendees at Summer U are tested, fully vaccinated (3 shots) OR vaccinated (2 shots) and have recovered from Covid-19 within the last 3 months. No exceptions are made.

Most importantly: All attendees must provide:

– Negative Certified Rapid Test that is not older than 24 hours* AND

– Proof of vaccination (“EU Digital COVID Certificate” or equivalent) AND/OR

– A certificate that proves recovery from Covid within the last 90 days

*It should be done in an official testing centre from which you will receive an official proof. The proof of the negative rapid test must be sent to before arrival with the subject line as follows : “Rapid Test FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME”.

Every participant that can not provide these documents will not be allowed to board the buses and participate in Summer U 2022.

Every participant will additionally be tested with a rapid test before entering the Summer U venue. Also, participants must undergo randomised rapid tests throughout Summer U when prompted by Summer U staff. If a rapid test is positive, participants will immediately undergo a PCR Test and will have to isolate until a negative result arrives.

In case of infection, EUJS will not be held responsible for covering the additional costs. Participants that do not meet these rules will not be permitted to participate in Summer U 2022. Participants who break these rules during Summer U will see their stay be terminated and will receive no refund nor compensation.

Through these rules, we aim to make Summer U as safe as possible for everyone.

DISCLAIMER: Kindly keep in mind that, seeing the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic, these rules might be changed at any point. Should it be the case, you will be informed immediately.

Any uncertainty regarding these informations can be consulted with the EUJS-Team at: