EUJS signs declaration at the ECJC Meeting of Presidents in Barcelona

EUJS vice-presidents Jane Braden-Golay and Eric Kounio, along with EUJS executive director Deborah Abisror, attended the European Council of Jewish Communities’ Fourth Meeting of Presidents, organized in partnership with JDC and held in Barcelona, Spain.  

As one of the ten pan-European Jewish organizations represented, EUJS vice-president Jane Braden-Golay signed the ECJC Barcelona Declaration, recognizing shared values such as solidarity amongst Jewish organizations and communities, responsibility, democracy, transparency and mutual acceptance; and affirming the importance of an inclusive platform for Jewish organizations in Europe that share the aforementioned values.

 EUJS took on an active role during the weekend, with Jane Braden-Golay speaking on a panel about women and leadership in Jewish organizations, and Eric Kounio presenting his design of the new ECJC logo. In addition, it was a pleasure to connect with several EUJS alumni, now active in various fields of European Jewish organizations. We would like to thank ECJC and JDC for inviting us to participate, and for enabling us to connect and exchange ideas with so many inspirational Jewish leaders!