EUJS co-hosts UN Israel Rally

As part of EUJS’ Ambassadors to the UN Human Rights Council Seminar, this year’s delegation rolled out their banners and took to the square in front of the UN building to stand in solidarity and defend Israel. In a demonstration which brought together the likes of the Israel Allies Foundation, Stand With Us and the World Zionist Organisation, the pro-Israel rally aimed to highlight the Council’s bias agenda towards the human rights situation in the region.

On this topic, President Benny was invited to speak.

“What we ask for is universal” Benny proclaimed during the rally.

“We ask the world’s highest body on human rights to do its job properly. To stick to its own ideals. We ask for no more double standards.

“It is student activists who are often at the forefront of pressing issues like this, most recently, repeatedly, through the infamous BDS movement, which poisons the atmosphere on campuses.”

Click here to watch Benny’s full address at the demonstration