Copenhagen Post refuses to publish Iran-critical advert

STOP THE BOMB and the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS), as part of a wider coalition that will host a demonstration against the presence of Ahmadinejad today, strongly condemn the decision by the Copenhagen Post not to publish an advert denouncing the Iranian regime and its pursuit of a nuclear bomb, continued support of terrorist groups across the Middle East, and ongoing violence against  its own people. STOP THE BOMB had paid and submitted the advert within all the given deadlines and timings, only to receive news that the advert was deemed “not appropriate” for the newspaper. Such an arbitrary decision by the editorial team is in blatant violation of the right to free press and freedom of speech, ideals and rights embedded in the Danish system. Our coalition is also angered by the last minute manner by the which the news was delivered. With a 17.00 print deadline, the news was delivered at 14.00 that the advert was not going to be published unless ambiguous ‘changes’ where made.   EUJS and STOP THE BOMB have expressed their anger and disappointment to the paper, only to find that no help or advice was given. As such our coalition can only hope the Danish people have a wider and more critical understanding of freedom of expression than the editorial team of the Copenhagen Post.