#BringHadarHome – Meeting Tzur Goldin in Brussels

We were moved to welcome Tzur Goldin, the twin brother of Hadar Goldin, to our office on June 20th. Tzur and his family are travelling the world to raise awareness of the legal and moral battle of recovering the body of Hadar, together with that of Oron Shaul, held for the past 4 years by Hamas.

On August 1st, 2014, during Operation Protective Edge, two hours after Hamas agreed to a cease-fire, terrorists ambushed three Israeli soldiers from a tunnel located in the basement of a house in Gaza. The terrorists killed two of the soldiers, and shot Hadar Goldin, a Lieutenant in an elite combat unit of the IDF, dragging him into a tunnel in order to kidnap him. Tragically, Hadar was the victim of the UN- and US-brokered ceasefire, violated by Hamas.

Since the death and abduction of Hadar in August 2014, the entire Goldin family has devoted its efforts in engaging with international leaders in the UN (NY, Geneva) and now in the EU, to put pressure on Hamas and to return Hadar to Israel for a proper burial.

During an event organized at the European Parliament, Leah Goldin – Tzur and Hadar’s mother – highlighted that “The European Parliament today, is the place where humanitarian issues gain the highest concern. And rightly so. Your close and constant attention to the people of Gaza and the leverage you have over Hamas due to the aid you provide, is a source of hope for us.” Mrs. Goldin urged the House to take action as “I am no nation-leader; I don’t make the big decisions – I do not go to war and I do not make peace. But I ask that justice will be done with my son.” In her final remarks, Mrs. Goldin emphasized the fact that “If you are truly, genuinely, committed to finding a whole and meaningful, long-term solution to the situation in Gaza, then please do not leave Hadar behind (…)” as “it’s only fair that when discussing Gaza, Hadar’s case will be included in the discussion” and also that “Hamas should be held accountable as the EU intensifies its efforts in bringing Hadar home.”

In a conflict that to many seems unsolvable, it is real people telling their real stories that will move the needle and it is these real people that we must make sure are not lost. The return of Hadar and Oron is a moral responsibility of the international community in the pursuit of broader, long term solutions in the region. EUJS is committed to raising awareness towards this humanitarian case and the Goldin family’s brave and noble cause to #BringHadarHome.