RESOLUTION – Represent Jewish Students on all Fronts! – External Relations & Advocacy


A central part of the work of EUJS is focused towards European advocacy, as the umbrella representation of Jewish students in Europe and as the access point towards European actors and institutions. As such, it is good practice in advocacy to form alliances, partnerships and close bonds with external organisations as a means of amplifying EUJS’ voice at the European level. This resolution, therefore, seeks to promote the growth of EUJS’ advocacy network, so as to gain allies on the issues that are important to European Jewish students, in order to heighten such issues on the European policy agenda. This, with the aim of boosting awareness of Jewish life and Jewish experiences in Europe, in a nonprofit world from which is not well aware of the hardships of young Jews.

The European Union of Jewish Students notes:

1. 81% of European citizens say they do not know anyone Jewish;

2. Only 3% of European Jews aged 16-34 think their domestic government combats antisemitism effectively;

3. The COVID-19 pandemic and the adjacent surge of physical and online antisemitism have strongly reduced the visibility of Jewish voices.

The European Union of Jewish Students believes:

1. Young Jews have the right, and are fully entitled, to be equally represented;

2. Good representation allows for better advocacy and ultimately results in:

a. Mindset change;

b. Policy change;

c. Inclusion and mainstreaming of Jewish issues at the European level;

3. Forming alliances and partnerships with external organisations helps amplify EUJS’ voice at the European level.

The European Union of Jewish Students resolves:

1. Ensure the representation of Jewish students on all fronts and wherever possible:

a. Within international institutions, which EUJS should grow its engagement with, such as the Council of Europe;

b. Within other European umbrella organisations, which EUJS should grow its engagement with, such as the European Youth Forum and European Students’ Union.

2. Explore avenues for joint advocacy initiatives with other organisations, whose values are aligned with EUJS, at the European level;

3. Grow its advocacy network at a European level via regular meetings with key decision-makers relevant to the various European institutions;

4. Collaborate, on a bilateral and multilateral basis, between EUJS and its member unions so as to lean on and help grow existing political connections that EUJS/unions have in their network.

5. Establish a EUJS External Relations team so as to better represent EUJS wherever possible.