General Assembly – August 30, 2018 / Re-adopted August 16, 2023

The European Union of Jewish Students believes:

1. EUJS believes in a strong and integrated Europe and a pan-European shared identity.

2. EUJS embraces the values affirmed by the European Convention on Human Rights.

3. Minorities constitute an integral part of this shared European history and pan-European identity.

4. Maintaining national, ethnic, religious and other identities is compatible with this overarching shared European history and identity.

5. Rejecting European integration has often led to the rise of ultra-nationalist parties and politicians throughout Europe.

The European Union of Jewish Students resolves:

1. EUJS, as representative of Jews from 35 European countries, encourages both an integrated European Union and the strengthening of ties between the European Union and neighbouring countries.

2. EUJS will continue prioritising intersectionality and building alliances with other minority communities.

3. This will be both in the context of grassroots activism, and in representations to legislative institutions.

4. EUJS will actively support the struggles of other minority groups facing discrimination including Sinti, Roma and Travellers, Muslims, LGBTQI individuals and women.

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