RESOLUTION – Expanding the scope of the Never Again Right Now campaign

Motion 0422

General Assembly – August 26, 2022

Name of Union Submitting Policy:

Jüdische Studierendenunion Deutschland (JSUD)

Seconded by:

Union des Etudiants Juifs de Belgique (UEJB)

Jüdische österreichische Hochschüler:innen (JöH)

Ukranian Union of Jewish Studens (UUJS)

Union of Jewish Students (UJS)


In the past years, EUJS has passed numerous policies on minority coalitions and against specific human rights violations. With the passing of the policy “Prevention of the Uyghur Genocide – Never Again Right Now” [1] (2020), EUJS has shown its strong resolution to speak up against genocide. Never Again Right Now (NARN) united Jewish students from all over Europe towards a common cause and demonstrated the power of hands-on activism. Beyond its praiseworthy cause, it empowered Jewish students Europe-wide, gave them a uniting feeling with other European activists, and fostered political involvement among Jewish Student Unions. The success of this awareness-raising campaign needs to be further cultivated. EUJS’ guiding principle of “Jewish rights are Human rights and Human rights are Jewish rights”, is a call to fight injustice, especially when mass atrocities are taking place all over the world. With that in mind, EUJS needs a lively Jewish pan-European activist network that would be quick to respond and equipped with all the needed skills for effective and swift actions and response to injustice worldwide.


We note that:

  1. As descendants of a long history of genocide and mass murder victims and survivors, we have a responsibility to stand up against Human Rights violations. “Never Again Right Now” applies to any Human Right cause. A sense of responsibility also emerges from the awareness to act towards the prevention and the end of such hateful crimes.
  2. Human Rights violations are happening right now. Furthermore, some are happening on European soil. The prime example today is the Russian war in Ukraine as it was proven that Russia committed a number of war crimes such as massacre, bombing, rape, e.g. in Butcha, Kherson, and Mariupol.
  3. EUJS has been speaking up against numerous Human Rights violations in the past and, through those positions, has been promoting a young Jewish narrative against injustice.

We believe that:

  1. With EUJS’ strong ties to its national Unions and Jewish communities worldwide, EUJS can grasp different European realities and has various agents on the ground. This creates the potential for an activist network that is diverse, informed, and involved in different initiatives.
  2. The experience and reach of EUJS can serve the global awareness-raising and advocacy work against numerous Human Rights violations.
  3. Especially in issues with this relevance, a united front matters. Jewish activism must dare to be universal.

We resolve to:

  1. Make use of EUJS’ unique reach among the EU institutions, as well as the access to the United Nations Human Rights Council. These are opportunities that EUJS must utilize for its own young Jewish advocacy but also for other minority groups that are less heard and especially, who are experiencing genocide.
  2. Actively advocate against genocides and mass murders happening currently on an EU level as well as towards the relevant partner organizations. EUJS should speak up against said violations in ways that are efficient (hands-on, press release, intervention at a global institution, …)
  3. Make the Never Again Right Now initiative the umbrella campaign for all EUJS undertakings fighting for Human Rights, against genocides and hate.
  4. Revive and maintain the activist group by making NARN a pan-European Jewish activist network.
  5. Aspire toward building an activism fund that would support Jewish activists in its cause (e.g. logistical and content training, legal fees, materials, transportation, etc…)

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