RESOLUTION – Defend the rule of law in Europe

Motion 0320

General Assembly – 27. December, 2020

Name of Union Submitting Policy

Olaf Stando and Viktor Eichner (Board Members of EUJS)

EUJS believes:

  1. In a strong Europe based on democracy, inclusion, and the rule of law;
  2. Human rights must be at the heart of our European and our Jewish values, and must be defended whenever they’re under attack;
  3. Religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities are an integral part of our European identity and EUJS stands in solidarity with minorities whenever they’re attacked by governments, the media, and hate groups alike;
  4. The actions of the Hungarian and Polish governments – diminishing the independence of the judiciary, undermining the free press, and persecuting minorities – are profoundly anti-democratic, shouldn’t have a place in Europe, and must be condemned.

EUJS resolves to:

  1. Continue to strive and stand up to intolerance and injustice, to preserve democracy and to uphold the rule of law;
  2. Actively organise to support opposition efforts against attacks on the rule of law and human rights;
  3. Urge national governments to condemn the actions taken by the Hungarian and Polish governments, and call on the European Union to act on the already triggered Article 7 of the treaty of the EU.
  4. Urge the European People’s Party (EPP) condemn the recent antisemitic, anti-democratic, and human rights curtailing actions from Fidesz and expel the Hungarian party from its European Parliamentary group.

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