Lowdown X: International Women’s Day with Shahrzad Osterer

The Lowdown is the European Union of Jewish Students’ monthly podcast. In each episode, we discuss a different topic within the broad fields of global development and human rights, alongside a leading decision-maker on the topic. The podcast takes each issue from a Jewish youth perspective – asking how can we boost Jewish youth activism on each topic.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we spoke to women’s rights activist Shahrzad Osterer about her experiences as an Iranian Jewish woman in Iran and the diaspora. Shahrzad Osterer moved to Germany from Tehran when she was 20 years old and has worked as a journalist since, becoming a leading voice on women’s rights, antisemitism and the struggle for freedom in Iran.

Join to hear about how the fight against antisemitism and the fight against the Iranian regime are interconnected, especially in light of October 7th.