Lowdown IX: Bring our families back with Ayelet Svatitzky

The Lowdown is the European Union of Jewish Students’ monthly podcast. In each episode, we discuss a different topic within the broad fields of global development and human rights, alongside a leading decision-maker on the topic. The podcast takes each issue from a Jewish youth perspective – asking how can we boost Jewish youth activism on each topic.

In our ninth episode of the Lowdown, in collaboration with the @bringourfamiliesback campaign, episode host Eryn Sarkin interviews Ayelet Svatitzky about her family and tragic experiences since October 7th. Ayelet’s brother, Nadav remains in captivity in Gaza. Her mother, Channah, was released from Gaza after 49 days in captivity after being held in the Hamas terror tunnel network. Ayelet’s older brother, Roi, was tragically murdered on Oct 7th.