EUJS Seminar: “To the Future: Holocaust Commemoration for Our Generation”

The European Union of Jewish students, the World Union of Jewish Students and the Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia are organizing the seminar “To the Future: Holocaust Commemoration for Our Generation”, to be held in Skopje (Rep. of Macedonia) from the 25th to the 30th of April. Participants will have the opportunity to learn with educators from Yad Vashem, the Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia and CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, and discuss and develop new approaches with Jewish student leaders from around Europe.

As Jews in Europe today, the Holocaust has an undeniable impact on us, our families and our communities. As Jewish student unions, we take our responsibility in honoring the memory of the victims and survivors very seriously – asking ourselves how we can make our Holocaust education and commemoration programming relevant to our peers and to future generations. In line with EUJS’ well-established and successful approach, the seminar will target 20 Jewish student leaders and promising student activists who show potential to have a lasting impact on their peers and the Jewish community in the long run.

The seminar also aims to broaden the participants’ knowledge of the Balkan Jewish community’s fate during the Holocaust, to understand how the current community approaches commemoration at the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia, and to connect with the Macedonian Jewish community and Macedonian Jewish students.