Yad Vashem – EUJS Seminar 2022: Remembrance and Education in the 21st Century

The Yad Vashem – EUJS Seminar 2022 in Jerusalem was held from 8th to 16th of May. Most of the sessions took place in the International School for Holocaust Studies which is located at Yad Vashem. 

The seminar brought 19 Jewish and non-Jewish participants from 12 countries. Among them, our dear partners from Phiren Amenca, the Roma youth network, who attend our seminar regularly!

The participants got the opportunity to learn from and discuss with the leading experts in the field covering the topics of:

  • Holocaust history
  • Jewish life in Europe before WWII
  • Nazi antisemitism
  • Memory building around the world
  • Holocaust denial
  • Modern Jewish life all across the world