Union Accelerator Florence

From November 30th to December 3rd, EUJS ran a thematic Union Accelerator on the Ins and Outs of Jewish Journalism. This Accelerator brought together the Unions either with their own magazine, in the process of establishing their own magazine, or journalists within the Union. We were so happy to have welcomed UGEI (Italy), UJS (UK & Ireland), JSUD (Germany), JöH (Austria), MEM (Macedonia), and ČUŽM (Czechia), to the Accelerator!

The Accelerator hosted international speakers both working in Radio, Print, and Television. Thank you to Elisabetta Fiorito from Radio 24 Italy and Élie Petit from K. Magazine for providing us with your expertise and invaluable skills.

Each Union/Magazine also ran a session, imparting their knowledge on certain facets of Journalism to the other participants, fostering an environment of discussion, peer-to-peer learning, and engagement.

We would also like to thank our the European Commission, World Jewish Congress, WJC NextGen, and the Jewish Community of Florence, for their support in realising this seminar. We would also like to thank UGEI for all their help in their home country. 

A final thank you goes to all our dedicated Unions and Magazines for their time, motivation, dedication, and passion throughout the seminar!