#PresidentsUnite for AJC Global Forum

On Sunday, the group finally came face-to-face with the wonderful world of American Jewry as the start of the AJC’s annual Global Forum got under way. The event was attended by over 3000 people from across the world.

Amongst the topics discussed both during plenary sessions and breakout sessions was centred around BDS, life on campus and the future for young Jews in Europe. On this issues, EUJS were able to be at the forefront in shedding some light.

“We would not be doing what we are doing if we did not believe in a future in Europe”, stated President Benny, who also called to start “direct[ing] the conversation to non-Jews”. Benny made expressed these motions during a panel entitled “Creating a Vision for the Future: Young Jewish Leadership and a Changing Europe”.

This idea of making other issues, such as American-Israeli relations, cross-communal was also reflected in a debate held between representatives from the Republican and Democrat party, during which time Ambassador Susan Rice explained: “Israel’s security is not a Republican and not a Democratic interest. It is an American interest”.

A recurrent topic was the praiseworthy “Mayors United Against Antisemitism” letter which gained the signatures of 508 mayors from the US and Europe, including over 70 German city mayors and recently elected Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. In an audience-inspiring speech on the topic, British MP John Mann said: “I am proud that he signed”.

The week’s events ended with the delegation being fortunate enough to attend a lunch with AJC CEO David Harris as well an audience with CEO of the AJC Transatlantic Institute, Deidre Berger.

On the final day of the week, the group were pushed to tackle American policy makers head on as, together with a personalised tour of Capitol Hill, met with a Washington, D.C. based caucus dealing with claims of antisemitism in the US as well as on and around US campuses.

This seminar would not have been made possible without the support of AJC, UJA Federation New York and the Clayman Family Foundation. We thank you for your continued support and assistance.