EUJS meeting of presidents

The European Union of Jewish Students is proud to have held its first meeting with the Presidents of European Jewish Student’s Unions. The meeting, held in Lausanne, saw over 34 member union Presidents unite under the EUJS banner to discuss the relationship and future between EUJS and its member unions. The discussions took place in the framework discussing the future directions of European Jewish life, and the possible improvement of communication and relationship between EUJS and its member unions.

EUJS and its member unions also wrote and signed a common charter, declaring a joint purpose to improve cooperation, communication and dialogue between the member unions and for EUJS to act as an adaptive, flexible, umbrella union, adapting to the needs of its membership.

EUJS was also exceptionally proud to have had European Jewish Congress Secretary General Serge Cwajgenbaum present within the conference, signalling the strength of relationship between the two groups.

EUJS president Benjamin Zagzag noted that the conference “was an exceptional success, and will hopefully become an institutional”, noting that the relationship between EUJS and its member unions “was vital and at the core of the EUJS mission”.