Věra Jourová

Věra Jourová, a captivating figure in Czech and European politics, has garnered a reputation as a champion of equality, transparency, and democratic values. Her inspiring career is characterized by an unwavering commitment to creating a fairer society.

In her role as the European Commission’s Commissioner for Values and Transparency, Věra Jourová has contributed with commitment and determination to strengthening the EU’s founding principles. Her focus on equality and the promotion of democratic values is evident in the numerous initiatives she has undertaken.

Internationally as well as nationally, Věra Jourová has worked tirelessly to enhance the rights of women, minorities, and disadvantaged groups. Her work serves as an inspiring example of how political leadership can contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and just society.

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) has paid a special tribute to the outstanding commitment of Věra Jourová, a prominent personality passionately devoted to equality and democracy in 2023 through awarding her a Honorary membership of the organisation.

The Honorary membership awarded to Vice President Jourová is a recognition of her tremendous support and commitment to fostering Jewish life in Europe and combating antisemitism. Throughout her years at the Commission, she took the time to meet with many EU activism cohorts and listened to the concerns of European young Jews in their respective countries. Her commitment and interest in hearing the voices of the youth have made her an integral part of the EUJS family.

May her vision of a fairer world continue to inspire young people to actively stand up for the values that form the foundation of a free and inclusive society.