Simone Veil

Simone Veil was a French politician and lawyer who was born in Nice in 1927. She survived the Auschwitz extermination camp and later became a pioneering figure in European politics. As France’s Minister of Health, she campaigned for the legalisation of abortion and introduced the famous “Loi Veil” (Veil Law), which was passed in 1975. This law was a milestone for women’s rights and paved the way for self-determination over one’s own body.

Simone Veil was the first elected president of the European Parliament and she played a crucial role in promoting European integration. Her work helped to strengthen the fundamental values of the European Union and raise awareness of the importance of freedom, equality and human rights.

Her life story is an impressive example of resilience, courage and dedication to a just cause. As a survivor of the Holocaust, Simone Veil helped to keep the memory of the horrors of the past alive while actively working for a better future.

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) has given Honorary membership to an outstanding personality who not only played a significant role in the history of Europe, but is also an inspiring figure for women’s rights and humanitarian commitment.

EUJS pays tribute to Simone Veil for her lifelong dedication to humanitarian values and her crucial role in shaping European history. May her inspiring life story continue to encourage young people to stand up for justice, equality and peace.