David Harris

David Harris, born in 1949, represents a captivating personality in the field of Jewish-American activism. His ongoing commitment to the promotion of human rights and tolerance has had a lasting impact not only on the Jewish community, but also on global society.

Throughout his impressive career, David Harris persistently campaigned for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination. He paid particular attention to interfaith dialogue, which he saw as a means of creating links between different communities and fostering deeper understanding between people of different faiths.

As an advocate for democracy and human rights, David Harris helped to protect the safety and rights of Jewish communities worldwide. His passionate dedication to justice is reflected in his tireless pursuit of a world characterised by peace, understanding and respect.

David Harris has been a leader in Jewish advocacy, a tireless visionary and a voice for Jewish people – who always ensured that EUJS has a seat at the table. We honour David Harris for his inspiring commitment and pioneering contributions to the promotion of peace, understanding and human rights.

In 2022, the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) has paid tribute to the impressive life’s work of David Harris, a passionate advocate of human rights and intercultural dialogue, through an honorary membership to EUJS.

May his legacy continue to encourage young people to actively work for a more inclusive and fairer world, and inspire the inclusion of youth at the table for generations to come.