We won’t clap for Orbán

We won’t clap for Orbán

A guest who does not deserve applause

We firmly believe that it is crucial for a transnational Jewish umbrella organisation to advance good relations with governments. However, we fear that by inviting the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the World Jewish Congress and its affiliates risk legitimizing his government’s actions,  therefore undermining future criticism of its policies concerning rising anti-Semitism and the situation of the Jewish community and other minorities.

Four authors, known for their obvious anti-Semitic views were included in the Hungarian school curriculum in 2012. (József Nyírö, István Sinka, Dezsö Szabó and Albert Wass).

We don’t clap for Orbán !

Under governmental support, several municipalities have begun to erect statues of Miklos Horthy, a military dictator who ruled Hungary from the end of World War I through most of World War II. Horthy is an incendiary figure in Hungarian-Jewish history because more than 500,000 Jews were murdered or sent to death camps while he remained nominally in power during the German occupation.

We don’t clap for Orbán!

The Hungarian government was directly involved in the reburial arrangements of József Nyíro, whose coup resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands, and by doing so idolized him in front of the Hungarian nation.

We don’t clap for Orbán!

The Fidesz government has continuously modified the Hungarian constitution, removing democratic safeguards, to the extent that the European Union has threatened the government with legal action.

We don’t clap for Orbán!

The attacks against democracy are clear and continuous: crippling restriction of the freedom of the press, criminalisation of the homeless, impunity afforded to perpetrators of racist murders, and the strengthening of virulent anti-Semitism.

Join Jewish Students and do not applaud Viktor Orbán until his government changes its policies

Don’t clap for Orbán!

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