Good Deeds Day 2017

Good Deeds Day, an annual tradition of doing good by individuals and organizations from all over the world, just took place this year on April 2nd. EUJS once again joined the movement to bring about some positive energy on the sunny Sunday. While we aim to produce constructive social outcomes through all our programming, Good Deeds Day is a lovely occasion to unite with over 90 other organizations under one common action and remind people just how much each of us can do to impact those around us on a daily basis.

As Brussels is our adoptive home, we roamed the streets of the impoverished neighborhood of Matonge, and gave out pizzas to those in need. We sat for a few minutes with each person we met and listened to their stories – a reminder that of just how important it is to always keep things in perspective. We hope that this has brought them a small pinch of comfort at least for the day. More importantly, we hope that the fruits of EUJS’ broader work for a more inclusive Europe will sooner rather than later also be tangible for all those we met!