The European Union of Jewish Students Statement Regarding Israeli Operation Aboard the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) expresses sincere regret at the loss of life during the attempt by Israeli forces on 31 May 2010 to take control of a ship that had broken Israel’s legally sanctioned naval blockade heading for Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Israel had issued repeated warnings to prevent conflict. It had neither sought nor provoked such an outcome.

EUJS condemns the provocation led by the IHH Insani Yardim Vakfi NGO. The goal of its intervention was more political than humanitarian.

As a European NGO the European Union of Jewish Students call on all European institutions, university or otherwise, to ensure that no matter the degree of tension in the Middle East, that no Anti-Semitism or retribution on the Jewish Student community is permitted, especially over this time.  

The alarming rise of Anti-Semitic incidents across Europe should be a cause of concern for all university leadership across Europe, and should be dealt with quickly and effectively.  

EUJS calls on all institutions on focusing its efforts to ensure that extensive media coverage of the matter does not translate to the threatening of any Jewish student or community across Europe.