Statement on the UK’s vote to leave the EU

The British people have decided to leave the EU. Our campaign, ‪#‎ComeTogether‬ finds an end with this day, and, whilst this is not a happy end, it is, nevertheless, a success for so many people that took part in a democratic decision making process. We therefore want to thank everyone who actively engaged. As agents of the European idea, we have to now work even harder for change; for a better Europe. If more than 51% of the British population felt detached to what is happening in Brussels, then Brussels failed to explain itself. This decision has to be respected and those on the losing side of the argument will now have to actively take part in implementing the idea in the best ways possible.

We have to work harder, because this great project of Europe is in serious danger. Marie Le Pen and Geert Welders have already called for similar referendums in their home countries. Thus, the message is now even more relevant than before: Come together and don’t let reactionist forces divide you. Come together and reinvent the European idea. Come together for a better future for everyone!

– Benny Fischer (EUJS President)