Statement by EUJS on the attacks in Paris

Friday’s attacks in Paris have marked a European day of tragedy. With 129 dead and more than 352 wounded, Paris has seen yet another peak of terroristic violence, which we harshly condemn. Again, the city was targeted by those who seek to undermine the keystone of our democratic values. These villains killed in cafes, bars, a concert hall; they aimed to attack the spirit of a free society. Thus, these murderous assaults on French civilians are an attack on everything we as democrats believe in, an attack on our basic values, an attack on everything “Liberté, égalité, fraternité“ stands for.

We therefore stand in solidarity with the French people and authorities during these difficult times. We mourn with those who lost their beloved ones and pray for a fast recovery of all those who were harmed. We are with their mothers, fathers, children, siblings and friends. We are with every French police officer and soldier on duty in the days to come. We are with Paris.

Enough tears have been wiped away in these past days. In Italy, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and now Paris people have had to mourn those who were taken for reasons of pure hate and evil. We will not answer their hate with hate, for everybody who peacefully believes and practises their faith really is religious. We will not project our anger on those who had to flee from this very barbary. We will especially not lose faith in what we found to be righteous. For this is what distinguishes us from them, what defines our core values against theirs. Above all, we will keep on promoting the ideals they seek to destroy, now more than ever!