QAnon and the Growing Conspiracy Ideology Trend on Social Media

13 July 2020

Find the full report here!

The American based QAnon conspiracy ideology has gained a lot of traction as a means of ” finding the truth”. Using monitors from all our Get The Trolls Out partners, we compiled this report on the dangerous rise of QAnon.

Together with the rise of conspiracy myths and ideologies, the QAnon Conspiracy has gained support in Europe during the Corona-Pandemic. Like most conspiracy ideologies it is, at its core, antisemitic, racist, and misogynistic. We need to fight against it in all its forms.

As part of the Get The Trolls Out Project, led by the Media Diverstiy Institute and together with LICRA, The Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, the Center for Independent Journalism, the European Network on Religion and Belief, and KARPOS we have released a comprhensive report on QAnon in Europe.

Read it here!