EUJS takes online antisemitism head on at Jerusalem conference

The conference, which was held at the premises of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, brought together 130 participants from 21 countries, among them politicians, ambassadors, and representatives of NGOs. The conference generated a list of 17 excellent recommendations for all actors. This report offers highlights, conclusions and recommendations.

During the conference, EUJS President Benny Fischer had this to say:

“We need advocacy, Leadership training for students. Political seminars in cooperation with Yad VaShem. The abuse of holocaust imagery shows there’s a need for holocaust education. The bigger the organization is, the less young people are involved in it. We want them to be involved since they are fluent in social media. When speaking about antisemitism, we talk as Jews speaking to Jews. We have to learn how to address non-Jews, we have to learn how to address the European societies. Advocating and partnering with organizations that are non-Jewish is very important We are being perceived as people who only speak about antisemitism and this is becoming a problem. Try not to only address antisemitism. The topics we talk about also have to differ.”