EUJS Statement on the release of KC Rebecca Tuck’s report on antisemitism in the NUS

Brussels, Belgium – 12 January 2023

EUJS welcomes the January 12th, 2023 report on the conduct of the National Union of Students (NUS) of the United Kingdom, conducted by KC Rebecca Tuck.

The conclusion of the report is clear: for the past 17 years NUS has systematically created an environment that was hostile to Jewish students and it continuously ignored any calls for action.

The report also outright states, that “the culture within NUS and at NUS events has been perceived by many Jewish students, for good reason, as hostile.” This finding is deeply troubling from an organisation whose aim it is to represent all students. As Joel Rosen, President of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) in the United Kingdom and Ireland, correctly stated, “…[a] NUS that doesn’t represent Jewish students, is not fit to represent anyone.”

Now, we call on the National Union of Students to implement the changes and recommendations outlined in the report, and to continue working with UJS to ensure that Jewish students feel included and welcomed in the student movement.