EUJS Presidential Candidates 2022

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) is excited to announce the candidate running for President for the 2022-2023 term. The candidate is Avital Grinberg, nominated by the Jüdische Studierendeunion Deutschland (JSUD).

Find her manifesto below:

My family’s Judaism was taken away from them by the Soviet regime. In a society in which being Jewish was an inherent burden, they were manipulated into believing that there is no beauty in heritage, uniqueness and belonging. For them, a safe life with freedom of expression was merely a dream. Being born in Berlin, I reclaimed my identity and built up my ideals. As an unapologetic idealist, I am driven by the belief in equality and kindness. As acommitted activist, I dream of a vivid Jewish life in Europe.

My name is Avital and I am running to become the next EUJS President.

I bring experience and dedication to the table – built up over the years in the Jewish Community in Germany, as a board member of its Jewish Student Union – JSUD and of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) and – especially – as EUJS’ current Program Manager. Throughout my life, I relied on a fundamental concept of the Jewish people that is close to my heart: Chutzpah!*

*Chutzpah is the courage to understand the world.
Guided by my professional background in Jewish Education, I want to make Jewish learning accessible by promoting partner initiatives and offering sessions tailored for all levels of knowledge. I am convinced that our Jewish identity needs to serve as a basis for our devotion towards a safe, thriving Jewish life all across Europe. Ultimately, our Jewish life is political and our politics – Jewish.

*Chutzpah is the courage to act upon these findings.
Faced with new levels of hate, violence and extremism in the world, EUJS has taught us that our activism must dare to be universal – like with the initiative Never Again Right Now (NARN), which is advocating against the Uyghur genocide in China. With our actions, we will do more against the numerous Human Rights violations happening right now across theworld, even in Europe. For this reason I want to open up NARN to a pan-European Jewish activist network tackling all kinds of human rights violations.

*Chutzpah is the courage to fight with care.
EUJS is an umbrella organization and, to be an effective voice, we must elevate and hear individuals’ stances on significant topics. This means bringing EUJS’ work to you by offering frequent forums to foster exchange and closeness with unions and passionate activists, beyond a yearly general assembly and organized seminars. Regularly tapping into their diversity of perspectives, will enable EUJS’ leadership to take more directed and informed actions.

*Chutzpah is the courage to explore outside of our comfort zones.
The outbreak of the war in Ukraine revived civic engagement and humanitarian aid across society and in our communities. Jewish students stood up in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Like many others, I volunteered at the border and learned the unique power and meaningfulness of providing the needed help in a crisis. Embodying this spirit, I want to bring opportunities of engaging in hands-on humanitarian aid projects to you.

As a radical idealist I believe in the power of community. I want EUJS to be an inclusive space of growth with a future-oriented president – authentic, passionate, proactive Jewish Students – it is time! Let’s add more Chutzpah to this world!

#ChutzpAvital #ChutzpahTime

*Chutzpah: Yiddish, referring to shameless boldness.