Council of the European Union Adopts Declaration to Mainstream the Prevention and Countering of Antisemitism in All Its Forms

3 December 2020

EU calls antisemitism “Incompatible” with values, demands national strategies from member countries.

Yesterday, the Council of the European Union adopted a declaration to mainstream the prevention and countering of antisemitism in all its forms. This declaration comes under the leadership of the German Council Presidency and is an essential step in the fight against rising antisemitism. EUJS has been working with different EU institutions for years, ensuring key decision-makers hear Europe’s young Jews’ priorities. Yesterday’s council declaration is another important step in the fight against antisemitism.

The declaration calls for a “strong and systematic judicial response” to antisemitism, urges harsher consequences for online hate crimes, and calls on EU member states to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism. Additionally, the declaration states that “Education about the Holocaust, antisemitism and Jewish life remains one of the most important tools to prevent antisemitic prejudices.”

“We have seen a sharp increase of antisemitism over the past months and years. The council declaration shows the EU’s commitment to fighting antisemitism and promoting Jewish life. It is often young people standing on the frontlines in the fight against antisemitism, for whom the declaration is very welcomed support. It is great to see the EU from now on considering the fight against antisemitism in all policy areas while promoting a positive Jewish narrative and fostering Jewish life, a special priority for EUJS.”