RESOLUTION – Strengthening youth participation in politics

Motion 0822

General Assembly – August 26, 2022

Name of Individual Submitting Policy:

Olaf Stando (EUJS Board Member

EUJS believes:

  1. Young people’s participation in democratic life is essential to securing stronger, more resilient societies.
  2. EUJS plays a key role in providing a platform for unions and for activists to participate in, and influence, political activism through various forms.
  3. To tackle the major crises of today and tomorrow, especially the climate crisis, young people need to be vocal, present and able to apply significant pressure on politicians to act.
  4. The rise of populist parties and the far-right toxifies our political climate, breeds apathy with politics, and poses a significant threat to our collective safety and security.
  5. Including more young people in decision making and removing the obstacles they face to entering politics leads to better policies, and therefore to stronger and more sustainable democracies.

EUJS resolves to:

  1. To continue striving for the meaningful engagement of young people in the entire decision-making process of the EU – not only when it comes to Jewish issues.
  2. To develop programming and content ahead of the 2024 European elections to get more people interested in political activism, and to provide more platforms for discussing the future of Europe.
  3. To explore the potential of, and develop, an EUJS pledge card for 2024 election candidates in order to promote EUJS values and hold politicians to account.
  4. To campaign for the lowering of the voting age to 16 in all elections as soon as possible, from the European to the national and the local level.

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