RESOLUTION – Standing with democratic civil society organisations

The European Union of Jewish Students believes:

1. EUJS stands firmly for a democratic society based on pluralism, freedom of expression and human rights.

2. Civil society organisations and NGOs, with the ability to publicly hold governments to account and call out human rights abuses, are essential to the functioning of a healthy democracy.

3. These organisations, including pro-democracy, pro-LGBT or human rights groups are increasingly threatened by hostile anti-NGO laws – singling out groups that operate across borders or receive the majority of their funding from foreign sources.

4. Attacks on civil society organisations are part of a wider trend of rising authoritarianism and populism – which EUJS has a duty and a responsibility to oppose.

The European Union of Jewish Students resolves:

1. Actively support the existence of civil society organisations, and support their work in holding authoritarian governments to account.

2. Reach out to relevant organisations in Israel and countries across Europe, so that they have a channel to engage with European Jewish students and potentially contribute to future EUJS programming.

3. Continue campaigning for vibrant, pluralistic democracies, while standing against attacks on the rule of law and human rights.