RESOLUTION – Save Afghanistan


The situation in Afghanistan is now beyond crisis point. The collapse of the Afghan government amid the violent take over by the Islamist Taliban fighters is a gravely concerning development in the interest of humanitarianism, democracy and women’s and human rights. Widespread fear of execution, loss of life and persecution has led to a humanitarian crisis in which hundreds of Afghans have been forced to flee the country.

The European Union of Jewish Students believes:

1. Over the past years, there was an, albeit slow, development in women’s and human rights in Afghanistan which happened after the removal of the Taliban from power, by a US-led coalition. These developments were achieved due to the cooperation between international and Afghan political and security personnel. Since the start of the operation in 2001, the Taliban were prevented from establishing widespread control in urban areas of Afghanistan. Recently, the US withdrawal created a political and security vacuum in which the Taliban was able to establish national control, including over Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat.

2. The Taliban is a terrorist organisation, whose reactionary ideology is centred on Islamism and hateful rhetoric and actions against those who do not subscribe to their beliefs or fit into their radical worldview. Their goal is to establish a regime based on Sharia law, which discriminates especially against women, LGBTQI+ people and other minorities.

The European Union of Jewish Students resolves:

1. To stand in solidarity with all Afghans, facing subjugation, terror and violence at the hands of the murderous Taliban;

2. Call on the EU and European governments to open its borders to Afghans fleeing from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan for fear of loss of life and persecution;

3. Call on the EU and European governments to establish safe passages for those fleeing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan especially for those who work together with European security forces and partners, as well as for Women, LGBTQI+ persons and other minorities;

4. To lobby the European Union, governments, International Organisations, NGOs, universities, student’s and other relevant institutions to oppose the Taliban forcefully, raise awareness of the ongoing humanitarian situation and to oppose all forms of Islamism.